We pay you to watch adult movi

We pay you to watch adult movi
The startup PYTHIP Island, will pay the
most passionate with a cryptocurrency, called PYTHIP, just to view
some adult content.The PYTHIP Island platform will reward
your genuine attention and genuine commitment ”.Initially, we will make available 4
billion tokens that will be released to users, who will use them for
payments for services and which guarantee anonymity thanks to their
cryptocurrency nature.The tokens will allow you to trigger a
system based precisely on the commitment of users who must view the
contents that are indicated to them and release feedback, comments or
share.In return, participants receive
additional tokens and discounts to be used on major sites -
especially those who purchase the initially released tokens get an 80
percent discount on the products and services of participating

The initial acquisition of the tokens
takes place through a donation of € 10, the entire proceeds will be
donated to charity.